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Title: Accidents and Aftermath
Author: Dreaming of Everything dreams_of_all
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters/Pairings: Hiei/Botan
Rating/Warnings: T for over-all mood, nothing terribly bad in specifics.
Summary: When Hiei is poisoned, causing temporary insanity, he severely wounds Botan, who's now comatose, hovering on the brink of death. This fic is a series of onesided conversations between the two as Hiei deals with his emotions, and then the aftermath.

Chapter 1: Guilt
Chapter 2: Envy
Chapter 3: Respect
Chapter 4: Need
Chapter 5: Fear
Chapter 6: Understanding
Chapter 7: Love
Chapter 8: Waiting
Chapter 9: Misunderstandings
Chapter 10: Dreams
Chapter 11: Understanding II
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An Urgent Request

Not sure if requests are allowed in this community, but I am fully prepared to make any changes in accordance with guidelines. And without further ado:

I'm in the midst of writing a somewhat lengthy H/B fic and am in desperate need of a fully competent beta-reader who can devote no longer than an *hour* of his or her time to look over the first chapter for grammatical errors and a "general feel" (i.e. funny, smart, lacking, wordy, compact, not compact enough, etc.) I'm not asking for much. Just an hour of your time. It would also be a plus if you could briefly list some experience or specific traits or occupations like "English Major". I'll contact the "beta of choice" via LJ. It would be great if I could get anyone for help as all efforts are going to contribute to this wonderful fandom ^^!

Here's an (unrefined) title and summary of the first chapter:

Title: Uncovered
Summary: Botan didn't know that much about Hiei. This was a bit much though...

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(HR) Witness the Whiteness

Is that some fanfic?

Title: "Faux Pax"
Summary: When Botan's big mouth gets her in trouble yet again, what will a certain fire demon do to regain his honour?
Rating: T
Pairing(s): HieixBotan and a bit of KuramaxBotan if you squint.

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New YYH community!

For all authors and artists who enjoy allowing their muses to run wild in the YYH fandom, there is a new community on the loose.


New members are eagerly sought after and encouraged to sign up.

This theme community is Yaoi/Yuri/Het/Threesome/Whatever friendly!
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